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There is no prefect smartphone. Everyone is biased and hence they tend to fall towards one more than the other. In today’s world, the Snapdragon 800 is killing it but not like you will know how fast it is, all you need is your phone to run smoothly. Camera has seemed to be one of the bestselling points about any smartphone. You just got to have a good camera. Something people do not really consider but battery life is really important and many phones in 2013 still could not significantly improve upon it except for one.

Each phone has given us something that makes us want to buy that specific model. Let us have a closer look at what few of these phones gave us.

sony xperia z1Starting with the Sony Xperia Z1, I would not go into specifications because power is something everyone gave us. But Sony Xperia Z1 gave us the incredible ability to throw our phones underwater (as crazy as that is), use it in the shower and rock solid built that might just break the floor. The built is also stunningly amazing with the glass encasing. Every phone should have this ability to not get spoilt through the small accidents, I mean if you want to text in the shower so that’s that.

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 gave us a lot of things. All of these things come from it’s features. Some are gimmick but some are so helpful that it makes your phone smarter. The smart stay feature allows the display to be illuminated unless you are not looking away for a while from the display, so basically if you are reading something the display won’t go off just like that. The Smart Pause feature basically pauses the video if and when you look away from the display, that is just pure awesome. The camera interface is also something incredible. You get tons of things to tweak with, the eraser, the drama shot, the portrait modes etc, they are simply amazing and make the smartphone photography experience better.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Features

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Samsung Galaxy Note III is also high on feature. It gives us the ability to record video in 4K quality which is absolutely amazing. But there is still not enough hardware out to make use of that 4K video. Like the GS4, this one has those smart features too and on top of that the note features too. With that stylus you can accurately access all these tons of features that the Note III provides you. It makes full use of that 5.7 inch full HD display.
HTC One gives us one of the most incredible built on a smartphone. The aluminium built is simply amazing and feels so great. HTC One has the best speakers on a smartphone period. The HTC UltraPixel camera is high on detailing and takes low light shots better than most Lumia phones. HTC Zoe is an easy way to manage your images and filter them. You can tweak them with the manual settings available too, be creative.

Motorola Moto XMotorola Moto X is truly in every way a smarter smartphone than most. The hands free voice commands makes it so much easier to control the phone from anywhere. It is also so helpful while driving as you won’t even have to look at it or even know where it actually is and hence straight away ask for directions or an urgent emergency call or something. The battery life is so incredible it will get you through more than 2 days of usage. The phone also provides you with this amazing notification by just illuminating that info that it needs to show you, it is really stunning.

iPhone 5SiPhone 5S is the phone for the future. It obviously gives us the best design on a smartphone, I mean its obvious because Apple are the pioneers at design and built quality. So coming back to the point, it is phone of the future because we know all our sensitive work is not managed more through our smartphones and passcodes are obviously not enough, in that mess this one gives us TouchID, unique way to of course access your smartphone but also authenticate your purchases. The 64 bit architecture driven A7 Chip and M7 co-processor welcome doors to computing we wish we had in our hands instead of our laps. The true tone flash is a whole new level of using flash in a seamlessly non artificial way and the camera is one of the best on a smartphone without a doubt.

LG Google Nexus 5Google Nexus 5 showed us only the raw power of pure Android, Android v4.4 KitKat. It also shows how amazing stock Android phones can be. They are- Clean, light on your RAM and processor and without the mess of a stucky UI.


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