XOLO Q1000S vs Samsung Galaxy Core


XOLO phones are some of the best around right now. Samsung makes some really humble phones which can now be considered overpriced looking over the shoulders of XOLO and Micromax. XOLO Q1000S is one of the finest from XOLO and Samsung just starts their catalogue with Galaxy Core being the same price at Q1000S, let’s dive in and look at them closely.


XOLO Q1000S has one of the best built quality and design there is on a phone that costs less than 20000 INR. It is metallic, pretty cold feeling and has an absolute amazing grip for your hand. On the other arena, Samsun Galaxy Core is certainly not the best or even comparable to XOLO Q1000S. It has a very subtle polycarbonate built and works just fine to look like a good phone. But, XOLO Q1000S, that’s what looks brilliant. Design: XOLO Q1000S


You probably don’t even get a finer display in this price range. XOLO Q1000S has a 5 inch 720p display. I have seen many vendors with such a nice specification up their sleeve but most of their colours look not-real but XOLO Q1000S is a class apart. It is sharp, it is clean and it is colourful. Samsung Galaxy Core on the other hand has a decent 4.3 inch 480×800 pixel display. It has more artificial colour tones and obviously it is not as sharp as a 720p HD display. Display: XOLO Q1000S.


Samsung camera lens on the smartphone are not so great. They work fine but not too good anyway. Galaxy Core’s 5MP camera would capture some nice shots but they would lack the clarity and colour for you to fall in love with it. XOLO Q1000S is at par in camera, with a much larger 13MP lens, it certainly gets you more detail and the software is just amazing and let’s you tweak with the lens. Images are sharp and colourful and you will love it. Camera: XOLO Q1000S.


XOLO doesn’t actually have a really well made user interface. It is pretty normal, standard Android UI and works really well. The phone XOLO Q1000S runs on the v4.2 Jelly Bean whereas Samsung Galaxy Core runs on the v4.1 Jelly Bean with a much better user interface. Both use the GOOGLE PLAY STORE for their amazing stock of apps. Software: tied


XOLO Q1000S has a clear upper hand here. It comes with a 1.5GHz Quad Core processor against the 1.2GHz Dual Core processor on the Samsung Galaxy Core. Also, XOLO Q1000S has more RAM with 1GB and Galaxy Core has 512MB of RAM. XOLO just does not have the better battery backup, rest al just swooshes on the Xolo Q1000S. Performance: XOLO Q1000S.



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