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There is this really cool game on the App Store and Play Store if you like puzzles and words and a thing of challenging yourself. This app is called Wordament. It comes from Microsoft Studios and is developed by them and is a part of the Xbox Live Games. So lets get you setup with Wordament.

Wordament would ask you for a log in, you can always play as guest but it is better to sign up through facebook or email account. Once you are done, the app will now maintain your record about number of wards, points, average length of words and other stuff. When you start the game, you can make a word of a minimum of 3 letters. You are given 2 minutes to make as many words as you can. Once the time ends, you get your score, your average length of words for the game and seconds per word.

You also get a list of all possible words and how much you could have scored with them. Each letter carries a special point. At times you get star points for a theme that the game wants you to find words related to or a long word worth a lot of points. And there are times when the app decides to give one word an ultimate high point. Wordament also clubs two letters and makes it a block and asks you to make word with it. During all these conditions you can make the usual words but the star points just help you get a much better score.

In the end you get your percentile score. You can tap people to tag them as freniemies. This will allow you to track their scores if you want to feel a little competitive. You get an overall rank as well. The game keeps on starting and it is an endless loop. Server will keep on generating a new game every 43 seconds. So you can play as much as you want and people will always me there to compete with. Or else there is always yourself to challenge.


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