Windows Phone is just not right


I was a great believer in the Windows Phone. The Windows Phone 7 came out, it did not interest me at all but WP 8 got this rush going through my veins that I loved. I was excited to look at Windows Phone. It had fresh new design, new functionality. It was something very different from iOS and Android. I was obsessed with Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. I look how amazing Nokia had made their new smartphones. And now, I totally detest them.

It had all the jazz smartphones need, but it did not have apps. Around this time Windows platform was struggling to get any actual apps going for WP 8. They got Instagram last year and Flipboard this week in October 2014. Their native and organic apps are crazy and now I feel the look is actually dull. Okay the new update did give them the wallpaper on the live tiles but that was it. Cortana might be amazing but it still is not what Google Now or Siri can already do. Yes Cortana does have some additional functionality but it is not selling WP is it?

There are so many games, so many utility apps that I would want on Windows Phone that I already use on my iPhone and Nexus devices but it is just not there! You do not get the power of choice. What Microsoft is still selling are the cameras and to be fair now the Android Phones have equal or better cameras in almost every category.

Windows Phone surely has to change this. Developers have to show interest in WP otherwise I do not see the feature of Windows Phone heading anywhere. If you have even AI in your phone but don’t have apps, you are not going to sell them anyway. When anyone, ANYONE talks about the best smartphone in the world, there is no Windows Phone named in the top 10. None. That HAS TO change.


Author: Sinha

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