Windows Phone 8.1 Review


Windows Phone 8.1 is officially home. It is everything every Windows Phone user should be excited about. The new WP 8.1 brings tons of cool features, from the live tiles to the proper functionality which should blow your mind away. Here are some of the most exciting things we like in the Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue”.

The New Live Tiles

Windows-Phone 8.1 Live Tiles
You can get an extra column of live tiles for more information. But the basic most beautiful change is you can get an image covering the live tiles. Earlier it used to be a colour theme but now you can set an image which will be broken and assembled with your live tiles so that you can get that wallpaper experience. No more boring black and while kind of stuff. A small, yet significant change in Windows Phone 8.1.

Action Centre

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Centre
This is like the basic shortcut for you to switch on and off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode like what you get on Android or iOS. You can get your usual notifications here and there is nothing too different in this place than what we already get on the Android or iOS. But this is pretty new for Windows Phone users and an addition that will enhance their experience with the new operating system.


Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana
This is the name of Microsoft’s personal assistant for the Windows Phone 8.1. It is something very similar to Siri but it can actually do a lot more. What I do not know is if it will pick up all the accents just like Google Now or would fail like Siri. So we have to wait to see how that plays out. What can this one do more than just make a call for you, set alarms, set reminders? It can connect to certain 3rd party apps and make them do something for me. I can just ask Cortana to search those 3rd party apps and give me some information or just make them do something.
My favourite part: You can ask Cortana to remind you something next time you talk to a specific person. Let us say I want to be reminded to tell my friend about my French Assignment next time I talk to him. I tell this to Cortana and it will trace me, maybe I am on a call with him or an email or text, whatever- it will remind me to tell him about my assignment. That is wicked cool.
I will cover everything Cortana can do in a separate article so hold on.

The new flashy keyboard

Windows Phone 8.1 Keyboard
This is just incredible. This is a swipe keyboard. Now you can write text without actually having to reach the keys. Just swipe across and it will detect the word you want to write. This is the world’s fastest keyboard. Obviously it is not perfect, but use this often and it will learn automatically. It will never make the same mistakes again. Just incredible.


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