Windows 10 Technical Preview


Microsoft created a lot of confusion when they unveiled the new Windows out by calling it Windows 10. They say what they have done is so advanced that they skipped a whole gen of Windows. Don’t get too carried away whatever has been shown so far are quiet standard and just fixing what they did wrong on the Windows 8.
Here is a list of things they have introduced in Windows 10 and are available in the Tech preview you can download.

1. Start Menu

Yay, the start menu is back and it is back with a new design. Now apart from the continuous list of apps you can get, you also have a tiles view on the right where you can pin your favourite apps or folders to go. You can also resize them as you like and replace them as well.

2. Search

Now search lets you search the internet as well and not just the files and apps on the home computer. That is pretty normal and something Mac has had for a very long time with Spotlight.

3. Switch Task and Virtual Desktops

There is a switch task icon on the taskbar where you get a list of all apps and folders that are currently on. You can also add multiple desktops there for different kind of work you might be doing on your computer.

4. New multitasking

The multitasking lets you clip up to 4 apps on your desktop and with more virtual desktops you can have 4 other apps on each of them. This surely makes your multitasking more efficient.

5. Redesigned icons

Few icons are flatter and have been redesigned. They give a better sense to what they are. Surely, they look petty. This redesign reflects in the start menu as well.


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