Why you should learn to CODE


Coding is soon going to be the most powerful language people can speak, oh wait……it already is. We all know how everything is shifting to be digital. We all are aware how most of our communication is happening these days. It is all through the gadgets and with the power of the internet. Coding is going to be the new literature. There is soon going to be a time when you learn basic programming and computing fundamentals at a very early stage in high school or even before that.
When this does happen do you want to be left out? The answer should be obviously not. It does not matter in which field you belong to, if you have the undisputable power to manipulate your work through coding you are going to see results you never expected.
So why should you learn to code?

1. Because it’s cool

Learn To Code


Was it just me or was that opening scene from “The Social Networking” really cool. That scene where he gets his laptop and computer has a beer and hacks his way through everything and anything he wanted to do. I won’t say you do what he did. Never hurt someone with your “coding or hacking” skills. Back to the point- “ITS COOL”. Things you can create with a computer and do with anything console based or web based is really awesome. I remember how making a really simply program in school made me really happy and excited.

2. It pushes you to solve problems

There is absolutely no end to what you can do with code. The learning never stops and almost every turn you take with your code is going to produce something new and excited. If there is one thing to be made, there are probably 100 ways of doing it and a 100 more ways of representing it. Coding makes you really smart. It makes you think about how to solve a problem. If you really love solving problems then code is going to be your best friend.

3. It can make you very rich



Well this is only if you care about money. If you just have money in your mind, code can make you very rich. It is all about ideas and how you can go through with those ideas. Even for this you would need to find your area of interest and work on it otherwise you are just going to hate it. Even running a blog for a good amount of time can make you good money, but yeah not rich like a millionaire. We all know what Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others have done with code. There is a lot of money you can make with apps and websites.

4. Just for fun

Coding Joke

C++ developers will get this 😉

Just like someone loves writing a journal or something, you can code for fun. There are various tools you can use to create really fun games. Or not going to literal meaning of fun, you can just play a practical joke on your friend by fooling him with code you wrote ( I won’t say what exactly or how exactly) but well code is really fun.

5. Code to create

Coding is a really creative job. Code can literally be beautiful. Mathematics is the true power here but the design is just as important or even more important. People don’t really get this but coding is not the job only for the intelligent ones, it is the as much for the creative ones. Ever came across an app which blew you away by the simplicity in design and beauty or even a website? Well that is a work of art in symphony with the code.

If and when you decide to code, question yourself as to why you are actually doing this. Don’t do this because everyone else is doing the same. Learn a bit so atleast you know what you can do with code. If you are not interested then you can always stop but believe me, it is worth a shot. LEARN TO CODE.


Author: Sinha

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