Why Should You Buy a Nexus Device


There are many reasons to buy a Nexus device. You may or may not really on that side but it truly defines a Nexus device. Google has engineered these phones to give you what they really wanted to give from the Android OS, their philosophy. Over the past 2 years, the Nexus phones or tablets have come to be one of the most competitive in their categories. Here is why you should totally buy a Nexus device-

The Experience

Everything that you get from a Samsung or HTC or Sony and so many other companies that provide you the Android OS actually give you the heavily skinned version of Android. For the true or as they say- “pure” Android experience you have to handle one of these. Nexus is just a seamless Android experience that gives you all the freedom there is with true awesomeness.


The devices which are not Nexus suffer from a big durability problem. All those user interfaces that Android has to wear take a lot of RAM and processor durability. In a very short time you might find your Android phone or tablet slowing down and become really sticky when you put in all your money for it to last atleast a year properly. Nexus will work like magic for a very long time.

Hardware and Cost

LG Google Nexus 5

You get some really crazy specifications on the Nexus devices at a very affordable cost (given you are going for a high end phone). Nexus 7 2013 version gives you these really cool speakers and a real crazy fast processor and Nexus 5 is high on everything and anything. It is an Android device on steroids. Nexus 5’s performance is state of the art clean and it is about $400 cheaper than a HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4.
Nexus devices have all the latest trends of specification at a very appealing price. If you are considering a mid ranged phone, try to gather just a few money more and buy this and if you really don’t care about a fancy UI and features or buying a high end phone by gathering money under pressure, Nexus is your place to be.


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