Why iOS 8 is a problem


iOS 8 has caused me and a lot of other people a lot of problems. I remember when iOS 7 came out, the OS spread like wildfire. Though iOS 8 in everyway is better and optimized , iOS 8 is causing a lot of trouble. And it all starts from downloading the OS. iOS 8 asks for a staggering 4GB of you space on the iPhone to though the download is of 900 MB and would vanish once it updates your metadata. Loads of people deleted half their photos or all of it to get this thing started.

So I updated to iOS 8 and I was happy just to realize the little trouble I had gotten myself into. Whenever I open settings, it crashes. Not every time but 1/3 times yeah it does. My spotlight search does not give me spotlight recommendations, the thing where Spotlight can directly give me options to download a song or tell me about a movie or something without asking them to search the web. I have this irritating problem where my screen goes completely translucent with nothing showing but the process/app behind and nothing can be done apart from restarting the phone.

iOS 8.0.1 was with bug fixes they said and had this huge bug itself, it somehow did not let the finger print scanner work. And after a time it was impossible to trackback to iOS 8.0. This is a hit in the guts for Apple. It is just embarrassing how the amazing OS whose code is not reflecting beauty but bugs.


Author: Sinha

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