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In the article I released yesterday I told you guys why should you learn to code. Now you might be wondering where? I have the answers. Thanks to some non-profit organizations working for education, we have a lot of places where you can learn to code. Not just non-profit organizations but some escalating companies at well. Most of the places where you can learn for free actually teach you novice coding. Places where you have to pay, you can get some intermediate level training as well but very rare a website will take you all the way to advanced coding. Advanced training costs a lot too. There are places I have personally tried and here is what I thought:

Code Academy

Code Academy

This is by far the most famous place to lean code. I have my HTML5, CSS3 and Python basic training from this place. It really is very interactive and their software works pretty fine to give the perfect output to your code. Code Academy is totally free and you have these following courses: HTML5, CSS3, jQuerry, JavaScrpit, PHP, Ruby, Python and APIs. They can get you from beginner to intermediate level.



This place is the real deal. Apart from their software to provide you the output, they can really bring you down to the knees with spate courses which teach you anything that a college can. That will be done by personal trainers conducting that course. For the non-personal training you can use the free courseware material. But even if you pay for the courses, you get some amazing help and you can actually push to the limit. They teach you all kinds of things. You should check out their courses. They teach you Artificial Intelligence, Python, Java, Comp Sci and all kinds of stuff. They have video tutorials for ALL of their coaching.

Tree House


Tree House is probably the most interactive place to learn code. Tree House has loads to offer with personal help as well. They have a very intuitive way to make you work. Sadly it is not free. It starts with 15 days of free trail after which you can choose to pay $25 for the silver account and $49 for the gold. Obviously the gold account has a lot more to offer and make you wowed. Tree House can teach you HTML, CSS, iOS and Android development, Databases, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery and JavaScript. They too can teach you till about advanced level of code.



Just like Udacity, Coursera can teach you various things. The universities from different places conduct certain classes which are totally free. You can set up your own study group, Google Hangouts etc. You will be given assignments and you can also obtain certification. You can also obtain certification from Udacity as well. It is completely free. They can teach you basic subjects as well as advanced computing.

All of this is really incredible. What these companies are doing is simply outstanding. Now anyone who can understand English can submerge themselves to free learning or even the highest quality one for the most affordable prices. You should even try Coursera and Udacity’s other courses. You will blow your minds. I just can’t stress the fact how amazing this is, what they are all doing.

Other places I have not personally tried but you can surely learn code from there too, they are:

Khan Academy
Code School
Happy learning people.


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