Whatsapp finally gets it’s iOS 7 Redesign


Whatsapp’s iOS 7 redesign took some time to come to the App Store. But yeah it has finally arrived. It is redesigned for iOS 7 but especially optimized for iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone 5’s displays. Comparatively, Instagram, Flipboard, Facebook etc were very quick to get the iOS 5 versions of their apps but Whatsapp has taken some significant time.

Whatsapp has changed messaging forever. Right now it just faces challenge from the growing messaging apps like Snapchat and yet rising We Chat. Even the BBM seems to come up roaring but Whatsapp just stays amazingly simple and solid.
whatsapp ios 7
In the new version you get the fill redesign. That means the whole design is now flat and that translucent like iOS7! The thumbnails are now circular and they crop the image but display the larger area for the same. Also, the images you send get a much larger preview, like significantly larger and you might not even need to click on it. There is nothing too different on this but it looks really clean and neat. You do not get that colour wowness so that is just a personal thing. For someone like me I would like this clean and clear single dimensional design on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp currently still soars up with 350 million+ users and is still going on strong. Enjoy the new and fresh iOS7 version on your Apple products. I really love this, do you?


Author: Sinha

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