What you will see at 22 October Apple Event


Apple is conducting an event which is just hours away from now. It is all set to reveal the iPad 5, iPad Mini 2nd Gen, iPods, Mac Books and a lot more. We sincerely think they have a secret device up their sleeve, I can feel it. I mean, iPhone 5S and 5C, obviously that is not what’s left of Apple. But if that is the case, that is bad news. As they said “we have more to reveal”.

iPad 5th Generation

Apple iPad 5th Generation
From the leaked photos, there is a strong indication that iPad 5’s design will be on the lines of the iPad Mini 1st Generation. It looks really classic, nothing an Apple product isn’t. A really smooth, aluminium premium built back. There is nothing better than holding a tablet with that kind of built quality. Obviously, it will have a retina display! We will also see the Apple A7X chip on the iPad 5th Gen. We already are familiar what it is capable of and with a larger display, the fun is never ending. TouchID is also most likely to see the light on this iPad.

iPad Mini 2nd Generation

Apple iPad Mini 2nd generation
We are about to see the amazing retina display on the iPad Mini, something we really wished for on the iPad Mini 1st Gen but did not. With Google Nexus 7 II having full HD display and all the cool APIs from Jelly Bean v4.3, Apple has to step up with the 2nd Generation iPad Mini. The iPad Mini 2nd Gen will most probably have an Apple A6 chip inside.

New iPods

Apple iPod Touch
Fresh new wave of iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod Touch will make their way on centre stage tonight. I am really excited. Though sales of music players have been struggling, since their induction, Apple heads the sales anyway. So when you consider an mp3 player, it is going to be by Apple. iPod Touch will be centre for more eyes than the rest of the players.

OS X Mavericks and Macs

Apple OS X Mavericks
We saw what it was at the Apple WWDC in June. It will finally be released along with the new Macs, specs and stills of which are unknown. Mac lovers are just waiting to get in line for this. OS X is rumoured for a price of $19.99.


Apple is coming out with new Apple TV, which might be the same set up box and not the actual television. We “might” see an iPad Pro, 13 inch tablet which is rumoured to being tested by Apple. This will be a big moment for Apple. The ball is again in your court Apple, show us what you’ve got.


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