What we already know about Apple iPhone 6


There are a lot of things we might already know about the yet to be announced iPhone 6. I am sure, just like last year most of the things would be revealed to us even before the actual release through the amazing leaks that go on pre-release. It is also amazing how certain people go to the limits to keep a watch list and see what a company is patenting, what materials are they ordering, what kinds of waste their factory is producing and so on. And the leak is always because of that one greedy man who wanted to have his money, it kind of breaks the surprise.

Reports suggest that Apple has patented a touchless display. It will work according to your gestures and I am sure people from the electronics field might get a hang of how it will be done. Hint: Capacitance. Also, they have patented a heart monitor that I have no idea as to how will it work. We might see both of them on iPhone 6 and the iWatch or one on each, well you get the idea.

Apple iPhone 6Apple is allegedly working on Health a lot and it will be the centre of the new iOS 8 as they say which might release in June 2014. The biggest news that comes is probably the most important for a lot of people, actually everyone. Apple will be making a larger display iPhone and not just one but two. One might be a standard 4.5 or 4.7 inch iPhone and the other might be a phablet. iOS developers should be ready for Apple to finally challenge their developers to create Apps with different aspect ratio and resolution. Anyway who knows it might stay the same, but that would just be a weird display. Let’s see what eventually happens.


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