What to expect in 2014 from Smartphones


2013 was a year to remember for the smartphone. We saw some stunning technology and surreal innovation by some companies. But compared to the last few years 2013 was more based on upgrades rather than mind blowing innovation. Making the smartphone bigger and faster and thinner is not the only way to go. I am not saying there was no innovation in 2013, of course there was but it seems to be saturated.
We saw 1080p displays being implemented by most of the smartphone makers. The smartphone assistants could do much more but the most “wow” moment was from Motorola Moto X with their Google Now technology. It could catch the weirdest of accents in any language and over that it was all HANDS FREE. Even the driving assistant was astonishing. We saw the first ever introduction of a fully-fledged finger print scanner on smartphone. Yes, they had been introduced earlier but they never actually worked properly. Along with that was the introduction of world’s first and fastest 64 bit processor. Both of which were by Apple. Samsung had their set of awesome features. They got one of the first ever 4K recording by them and some really smart features.
So, the question is- what do we expect from 2014 in smartphone?
Well here are few things I can predict. I obviously won’t be tell you about some innovation because if I had that idea and I would have done it myself (no pun intended).

1. 2K or 4K Displays

This frequent update is kind of a no brainer. You will see Ultra High Resolution displays on your hands in 2014. It goes without saying that, that would be the most beautiful and heart-warming entity of your smartphone. They might just be curved as well. Most of the smartphone companies have been trying to get that here in the market, so far the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round have been introduced but they really make no sense at all. G Flex though has this nice healing property that is cool otherwise nothing in that for you to buy.

2.DSLR level photography

2013 saw the portable lenses coming into play on the smartphones. They can be paired with NFC or Bluetooth and add a whole new pinch of beauty in your images. It wont be surprising to see some optics company making smaller lenses which when met with the smartphone lens could produce something that not just matches DSLR images but better them. 2014 is going to change smartphone photography.

3. Assembled Smartphones

If you have heard about the Motorola Project Ara, chances are you cannot wait either. 2014 might just be the year when you can choose your display size, battery, the sensors you want etc. Just like you have control over software in Android, you will be able to work over your hardware of the phone. Go check out Motorola Project Ara.

4. Smarter OS

I am sure your mobile operating system would be deeply integrated with all of your apps. They all together would predict what time you usually get up and automatically set the alarm for you. What time do you usually go to the office and come back and already prepare the traffic details and optional routes. You will basically have an automatic day to day companion. 2014 will be an innovation for the smart.

5. Cheap yet powerful phones

Well I am thinking somewhat on the lines of a Moto G and Asus ZenFone. These phones might get their new editions and might be as powerful as the higher end flagships by the other smartphone makers. The quality is a huge factor here but Moto G and Asus ZenFone have really cleared those clouds of doubt. 2014 will make the best of the smartphones much more accessible and affordable.


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