What Google and Facebook are trying to achieve


Google and Facebook are trying something very noble. We doubt if it is just providing access it the purpose, but it could be business as well. They will be trying to provide internet to areas which exactly the ground infrastructure does not necessarily exist as for today. It might be a revolution for some places where internet access could start a wide range of communication which is needed.

Facebook is working with Titan Aerospace to achieve this goal and Google will be doing this using weather balloons. The most interesting thing is that Facebook will be using drones made by Titan which are solar powered. Once they have took off, they can remain airborne for days and days.

I don’t think many people understand the dynamics of this idea. Mark Zuckerberg has been openly discussing about internet.org and how they want to achieve this goal. Right now, speech and expression is THE Internet. Once the countries under development or un-developed ones get access to this, there can be so much done many of us could not dream of. All the knowledge of the world, all the politics and everything there is for development flows through the internet and access to it is a glorious right we take for granted.

Google and Facebook are doing this really noble thing and I am pretty sure there will be some concerns with security and governments. But it goes without saying that this will change the world forever.


Author: Sinha

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