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VSCO Camera is one of the most amazing camera apps on both the iOS and Android. It has the most brilliant design across not just camera apps but any app for that matter of fact. I would question the user experience but the app surely shines in the overall design. It is really eye catchy. VSCO Camera is not just a camera app but acts as a photo sharing platform and a journal as well.

When you enter the app, there is something called as the grid. At the Grid you can see these beautiful photos that others in the VSCO Camera community have been taking. I like the fact you can view them and swipe away in full screen to keep the exploring. One of the biggest shortcomings of Instagram is that when you explore a hash tag, and click on an image you have to come out to keep viewing. It should be a continuous transition from photo to photo. VSCO Camera has got it right.

The main use of this app is to take photos. It offers you more features than your host Apple camera. VSCO Camera allows you to set your flash, use grids, and even uses a feature to tell you if your camera is straight or not. You get white balance as well as brightness setting on the VSCO Camera. There is a manual focus as well, just incase you were wondering.

After you have taken the shot, you can apply filters to your photo. They are way more professional than Instagram filters. Yes you can manually edit the photos as well using the editing tools. VSCO Camera filters and editing tools are so much better. They give you higher quality edits along with an overall great presentation. After your photos are done, you can use them on the grid for others to see. You can share it across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other side. You can save it to your host camera roll as well.

VSCO Camera gives you additional filters you can buy/get for free on the VSCO Camera app Store located within the app. There are a bunch of camera apps out there but this one is surely one of the best, if not it is the best camera application you can download on iOS or Android.


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