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People spend endless hours at Facebook doing practically nothing. Social Networking is much more than just adding people, changing your profile picture and chatting all day and all night. Social Networking is probably the most powerful tool ever made. You can practically connect with anyone who has a Facebook account. Facebook claims every person on Facebook is connected to every other person through 7 or less people. Isn’t that incredible?

Facebook is a real beautiful place to be. There is just the correct way of using this social media website. It has literally changed the way the world communicates. Facebook probably started as a website just for the sake of connecting people across continents but trends have incredibly developed over the years and totally transformed this site as we know it. Facebook also has made several changes that help their cause.

Out of all those endless hours that tend to nothing makes no sense at all. Use Facebook to actually get something out of it. At end of each session you should be able to gain “something” out of it.

<h1>1. Learn about what is happening</h1>

Like those pages that tell give provide you with some news. News Feed might be a cluttered place to find content but believe me, it is you who has messed it up. If you like pages you absolutely need to, you get good traffic that tells you what has been happening all around. Important or not, you need to know what is happening around the world, in your country and your city. There are so many important things I came to know thanks to Facebook. Subscribe to the correct content people.

<h1>2. Reflect your interest</h1>

Everyone has a hobby. Write about it on your status on make a page about it or just go post on other forums about it. It will not just make you smarter but it will make you even more aware about that specific hobby and who knows it could lead to something brilliant inside of you. If you have some interest, Facebook makes it so easy for you to gather a following and spread your ideas. Just reflect what your brain needs to, it can lead to something incredible.

<h1>3. Make connections</h1>

This life is all about connecting. Apart from your usual groups of friends, you need to connect to others as well. The other two points basically revolve around this too but I want to tell about a specific connection here. If you have a job, connect to other people doing the same work. Start sharing and outsourcing your ideas, you can get some incredibly helpful feedback. If you are in business, such things can really be awesome. This way twitter is much better.

<h1>4. Help a cause</h1>

I can’t tell you how many things have been made reality with help of mere sharing links from and other websites that take petition to bring a change, a major one. That is nothing short of a revolution that just needs to bare minimum effort from the person who wants to bring it and people who want to help that cause as well.

<h1>5. Don’t forget the beauty</h1>

Facebook has helped me find so many friends from so many places that I once had, I have lost my count. I remember feeling that rush of excitement every time I have found an old friend on Facebook. The timeline is absolutely incredible. It is like an actual scrapbook of the years that have gone by. You can see the change infront of you, the mature statues messages and photos to once not so mature statuses and photos that show the change that has been bought in you. Facebook is beautiful for so many things gosh. Just don’t let it be only about changing profile pictures and endless chatting. 


Author: Sinha

Passion and Inspiration drives my life and I get them both from technology. Getting to write about it is an absolute bliss. The bliss comes from people reading what you want to convey. There is nothing better for a person than his views to be heard. I am a music, tv shows, movies and technological enthusiast.

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