Top 5 Tablets 2013 (10.1 inches)


The 10 inch tablets acts our slates. The big beautiful displays and touch response on these top 5 tablets allow us to create and learn in a way that was never possible before. the real time, pin point editing of photographs are just incredibly well done on these tablets. But they are so different in distinctive in their own manner which will allow us to give them their respective spots. So here are the Top 5 10 inch tablets of 2013.

5. Lenovo Idea Tab S6000

We have given Lenovo Idea Tab S6000 this spot because it is an absolute powerhouse of a tablet. The response of touch and that beautiful display is to die for. 10.1 inch with a resolution of 1200×800 pixels. It is not idea but it certainly looks amazing. The design and built quality is not something too good. That has probably shifted it’s rank to the lower position in this countdown. The speakers on board the Lenovo Idea Tab are really loud and lose some kind of quality at higher decibels, but still pretty to your ears. Lenovo Idea Tab S6000 comes for Rs. 20000.

4. Samsung Google Nexus 10

Oh I some people might question how I dare give this one only the 4th position, many people might have this as their 1st choice or even the 2nd. Samsung Google Nexus 10 is an amazing tablet. It has a 1.7GHz Dual Core processor along with 2GB of RAM. It is certainly not the fastest in the lot but processes with tremendous speed. The display is 10.1 inch with a really amazing resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. That is one of the best on any 10.1 inch tablet. Gaming and reading on this tablet is really ideal. Even the built quality compliments everything it has.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This one by far is one of the most feature-full tablet of the lot. On the down side it is pretty heavy on the processor and RAM which degrades them with time. So you get a stylus which lets you tap into those amazing features that make the whole experience better. You can practically use this as your canvas or something. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a fast 1.9GHz+1.3GHz Quad Core processor along with v4.3 Jelly Bean OS. It is pretty expensive at Rs. 50,000

2. Sony Xperia Z Tablet

Sony Xperia Z Tablet is just one of the most high quality tablets you will ever come across. It has a very sleek and sexy design. It is pretty light weight as well. Sony Xperia Z Tablet, just like the Z and Z1 phones has the property of being dust proof and water resistant. Xperia Z Tablet comes with a 1.5GHz Quad Core processor which is excitingly fast. It comes with a rather older version of Android, Android v4.1 Jelly Bean.

1. iPad Air

World’s most light weight and sexiest tablet is here. Also the world’s fastest and the most powerful tablet as well. Apple Air is just incredibly thin and sleek. It has incorporated the best display in the world, the Retina Display. The 10.1 inch Retina Display is an absolute bliss. You have to pinch yourself to realize what you are looking at is real. It has the 64 bit A7 Chip with the M7 co-processor which makes for the world’s best processor. Also the iOS 7 looks incredibly awesome on the iPad Air and provides you with the ecosystem of the best quality of apps.


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