Top 5 Smartphones of 2014 in Q1


We are one quarter down in the 2014 and the most awaited phones of the year have released. Few more to go but Android has it’s part done. Let us look at the Top 5 Smartphones of Q1 2014. We will consider all the phones up to be sold by carriers.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
The phablet that was the last major release of 2013 takes the 5th spot. The multitasking master smartphone fancies a Snapdragon 801 processor and was the first flagship to get 4K recording capability. I wonder why you would need that but you have it anyway. Samsung’s awesome features make the phone all the more efficient and the design flaws kind of pulls it back to number 5 for 2014.

4. Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S
One of the two Apple phones that released in 2013, Apple iPhone 5S created a lot of buzz with the 64 bit processor and the first ever actual finger print sensor that can authenticate your purchases and of course, secure the phone. The Apple iPhone 5S was able to pull off the True Tone flash, certainly the best flash photography you can do on any smartphone period. The new sensor takes better photos in all conditions.

3. LG Google Nexus 5

LG Google Nexus 5 KitKat Android v4.4
This stunning stock Android phones sells because it is “stock Android” or Vanilla Android. Many users just do not like what the UIs have to offer – TouchWiz or HTC Sense, for them Nexus 5 is the perfect choice to be made. Nexus 5 has just the right amount of good software integration with Android v4.4 KitKat. It has the always listening Google Now options that first showcased over the Moto X. For all we know Google Nexus 5 could have been way ahead but thanks to the camera it is not.

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5
The most awaited flagship of the year by Samsung takes the centre stage on the second spot. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new built quality with the soft touch back that is a tad weird and overall still kind of feel obscure. Samsung Galaxy S5 has an amazing camera and a well responsive yet cluttered TouchWiz UI running on the Android v4.4.2 KitKat OS. It comes with an additional heart rate monitor and finger print sensor.

1. HTC One M8

HTC One M8 stands tall beating everyone down the line by quiet a margin. HTC One M8 comes with a really shiny and soft 90% metallic body that looks more incredible than anything I have ever set eyes on (except the Apple products). They now offer you 128GB of expandable storage and battery life that takes even Moto X for a spin. With a 5 inch full HD display, entertainment is beautiful. The new camera depth sensor is a new addition to any smartphone and I would still say it is in BETA. There is a lot more that can be done. HTC One M8 is the smoothest operator and HTC Sense 6 makes more “sense” than ever.


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