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Fitness apps have changed the way people do their daily activities and of course- what they eat. We do not have to take a paper and pen down and note if we are on a strict diet. They can formulate plans based on your exercise regime and current diet, they actually work. It is just unbelievable to know what all these apps can do now, they truly are shaping your world and literally shaping you.
Here are the top 5 fitness applications that will help you in your day to day routine.
1. Lose It!
Lose It! App
This app helps you enter whatever you eat or drink daily and it keeps track of it on a calorie counter. You can set your goal and according to it, the app will bind you to a certain calorie intake. It is developed by FitNow Inc and is available over Android and iOS. It works really well and is very accurate to make you reach your goal. It formulates a graph of your weight whenever you enter it and projects it for you. Unfortunately this app is not available outside USA , UK and selected few countries.

2. MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal Food Diary App
This is an app similar to what Lose It! is. It first asks your height and weight and then it asks you if you want to maintain the same weight, or gain some amount of weight or lose it. According to this information, the app formulates a minimum calorie intake for a day. It has variety of food in their database, from Mexican to Chinese to Lebanese and also Indian. The cardio or strength training you will add will deduct the amount of calories. It has got precise running speeds and choose yours, enter minutes run and it will tell you the amount of calories you burned.
It will also show you what your diet consists of. Mine is Carbohydrate and Fat based and less of protein. It can also tell you what vitamin or what element you are not getting sufficient. It will also tell you what it predicts your weight will be if you keep eating like you did “today”. This app is available on Android, iOS and Blackberry.

3. Pocket Yoga
pocket yoga app
This application is a guide through “aasans” and helps you keep fit and healthy. It would give you description of each aasan. You can choose the time of training. You can also choose from modes of training, regular or HIIT. It is a very effective app but pretty one dimensional as well. This app is available on Android, iOS and WP8.

4. Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club App
This is one of the best fitness apps there are on the app market. It has three sections- Get Toned, Get Strong, Get Lean and Get Focused. But, this app is just for Women and it contains thousands of workout programs for them to achieve exactly what they want. They can challenge each other. For every step on the way, they get Nike Fuel points. It keeps you motivated and pushes you harder. This app is available on Android and iOS.

5. Fitocracy
fitocracy app
One thing is sure, this is one of the best app in terms of quality. According to your challenges and daily workout regime it gives you points, achievement and promotes you to levels. You can formulate group and discuss about “fitness” all you want and of course, challenge each other. The achievements are pretty insane- Swim 1000kms in a lifetime, cycle 1000kms in lifetime and so on. It just is crazy and begs you to go and get it. as you progress you upgrade your level and hence your fitness.


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