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Sick and tired of your android smart phone’s default launcher? Well, don’t you just worry; the real beauty of android lies within the flexibility of customization. Since last year, the market has been flooded with enormous launchers. Which ones are the finest? Here are the top 5 launchers!

Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Launcher is the obvious pick for anybody who wants pure Android experience. You simply know that a product is great when it is developed and constantly updated by Google. The best part is the integration of Google Now; the left most home screen panel becomes Google Now. Hands-free mode is at its best, just say “OK Google” and you can command your phone to open apps, search something on the web or call someone.

Nokia Z Launcher

This, beautifully-designed recently-launched, launcher has made it to the top because of its two astounding features: Prediction and Scribble. This launcher keeps track of your habits i.e. which apps do you use at what time of the day and customizes the home screen according to it. Now, to use the scribble feature just trace a letter with your finger on the main screen and it will show you apps, contacts, etc. starting with that letter. This launcher definitely adds to the “smartness” of your smart phone.

Nova Launcher

This is one of the oldest but also the most customizable launchers in the market. You can literally customize anything from icons to animations; from folder view to home screen behavior. The best part of this launcher its theme support, hundreds of different themes which can be downloaded, so you’d be spared the pain of manually customizing everything. This launcher is frequently updated and new functionality feature are constantly added which helps create a more engrossed experience.

APEX Launcher

With over a million downloads, Apex launcher is also one the most popular launcher for the customization freaks out there. Like Nova, it also offers a near-endless features and customization options. You can alter anything from icon tray size to various gesture commands like pinch or swipe. It allows up to 9 home screens and also a tablet mode which lets you rotate the home screen. In a nutshell, it will not disappoint you.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Aviate is yet another popular launchers in the market right now which was acquired by Yahoo in its early development stages. The standout feature of Aviate is that it builds collections of your apps, termed as Spaces, based on where you are, what time it is and what kind of activity you are doing right now. With time, the launcher learns and adapts according to your lifestyle and customizes the home screen. Aviate really makes you use your phone to the fullest.


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