Top 10 Gadgets of 2013


This site is all about gadgets, so it just makes sense that we do a recap for you of the year and bring you all that we think about how people fared this year. On this specific article, we will tell you which 10 gadgets ruled the year 2013. Hope you are excited. Also, leave comments below to tell me what as per you make the top 10 gadgets of this year.

10. iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple iPad Mini 2nd Gen
This will change the game of tablets. We got the perfect 8 inch tablet from Apple last year but we felt something was missing, the retina display and here we have it. It has sold millions of units already and goes down as a harsh rival to the Nexus 7 II. It also has a faster processor and well, iOS7’s goodness and clearly enough to cut through and become the 10th best gadget of the year.

9. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020
The Nokia Lumia 1020, amped the power of photography from your smartphones. It sells to general audience with the number of megapixels which is 41MP, but it is a lot more. The new Black App updates give you amazing apps to control your photos. It can be considered as a mini DSLR. The sensor is really powerful and the ad seems legit to sell it, go have a look.

8. Chromecast

Google Chromecast
Google’s new device, Chromecast is something similar to Apple’s Apple TV. It lets you get all you’re streaming on your TV. And now, in ACTUAL full HD. You can control it directly from your smartphone, be it Windows Phone, iOS or Android. Netflix, YouTube, HBO and everything else you need a streaming of, it is all there. You can also stream music from Pandora and other popular sources. Smartphone is your remote with internet as power and the TV as your display.

7. Portable Lenses for Smartphones

This one I would give to the whole category- smartphone camera external lenses. People like Sony and Olloclip do some amazing job. Consider your favourite smartphone camera, iPhone 5S with a DSLR competitive portable lens. It just does not get any better. It is a seamless fusion of point and shoot and DSLR. It is for serious photographers only.

6. iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S broke some hearts but it certainly has a place here. It has certain integrations that mark it as a phone of the future. The 64-bit A7 Chip, TouchID and Camera Optics along with the True Tone flash makes it a power in your hands to reckon with. It is just incredibly amazing.

5. PS4 and Xbox One

ps4 xbox one
These are well gaming consoles (you don’t say). They are going to absolutely be the talking point for quite a while as the last editions we saw from each was more than half a decade back. New graphical stuff, online stuff and yeah stuff. Xbox had it’s share of doubters but now that is all gone. We welcome them.

4. Leap Motion

This gadget is an absolute stunner. It is the smallest kind of thing with the most accurate and powerful performance. Leap Motion tracks your motion like none other. It has some amazing apps to be used and it integrates over laptops and PCs without any problems. Gaming and designing are the main niches it focuses on.

3. Google Glass

Google Glass is just incredible. Google Glass is the power of Google in that AI kind of way that we always wanted. Obviously even this has faced certain criticism but the power it provides you with is no joke. The development is still going on to make it more efficient and it already has some incredible apps.

2. 3D Printer

I will just say- Nothing more incredible to PRINT out an actual object infront of your eyes designed totally by you in anyway. 3D printers are still BETA but we are looking at some real awesome stuff here.

1. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble smartwatch
Forget about Samsung Galaxy Gear, as you can see it did not make it on this list. Actually it will make our list for reasons you won’t like, but not this list yeah. Pebble Smartwatch is an “actual” smartwatch. It is polycarbonate and water resistant. It will give you call alerts anytime and anywhere. It has it’s own apps that can do more than twice the things or even more than Samsung Galaxy Gear.


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