The new Apple iPod Touch released


Apple has just made a move in the dark. The Apple iPod was “the” device before the smartphone came. Everyone knew it made a cool statement if you had an Apple iPod. Music changed as an industry thanks to iTunes and iPod. When the mobile OS and the smartphone revolution came, they produced the full-fledged touch screen, wide angle, beautiful display music player the Apple iPod Touch. There has been several enhancements over the years in the Apple iPod Touch. This one is the latest in June 2014.

The iPod Touch is lighter than the iPhone. Like the iPhone it is made of beautiful aluminum, holding it is amazing and feeling it is soothing. iPod Touch now comes with a better 5 MP iSight camera, the same lens you would find on the Apple iPhone 4S. It has a faster A5 processor and that is all it needs. The major change comes with the price, it is not just for $199 from $232 for the 16GB model.

The music players do not sell as much as they used to thanks to that thing you carry in your pocket all day- smartphone. But those few people who buy it just for their jog or something, Apple iPod Touch is your best bet. Buy it if you want to, there is nothing that stands closer.


Author: Sinha

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