The Great Online Shopping Festival is Here!


The Great Online Shopping Festival kicked off exactly at 0000hrs on 11th of Dec. It is now one and a half days running and going really strong. It is providing us consumers with incredible discounts, especially to you gadget lovers. On Flipkart they are selling the Nexus 7 at 7,000 INR. If that is not awesome then what is? You get a 10% discount at the same place on most of your smartphones. This is a good time to buy a new gadget.

Also you have 40% or more discount of headphones and earphones and say the other computer peripherals and well on the laptops and stuff as well. The GOSF will run till 13th Dec. Right now there are amazing deals available all over, not just on gadgets and stuff but also on clothing, luxury watches and some cosmetics that most of the guys now care about to.

The main brands participating are:
Puma, Nike, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Make My Trip(yes, get discount of flights as well), eBay and just endless places. Visit GOSF to see the whole list.

Discounts of books, shoes, clothing, sports equipment- you name it and there is a discount available for it online for these three special days. It is kind of a Google initiative to bring some sort of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales that take place in the USA to India. And it is working big time. It would be interesting to see how the sales actually fare along the way.


Author: Sinha

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