The Google Smartwatch leaked


Last week the news broke that LG would be making the smartwatch that Google would produce. Google would now have both, the smartwatch and the smartglass, Google Glass. In an alleged research done Apple, the results showed how a watch would make more sense than a glass, guess Google did both of them anyway.

Google’s Smartwatch would be produced by the same people who produce their Nexus phones- LG. The specifications have leaked and they tell us that the watch will have a 1.65 inch display along with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. That’s all we know. I am sure the software would be significantly be something very innovative. With Apple also release their smartwatch this year, it would be really interesting to see where this tug of war ends.

Samsung has already had 2 smartwatches released- Galaxy Gear 1 and Galaxy Gear 2 which both have been a flop show. The watch that works and makes more sense is the best selling smartwatch in the world right now which is produced by Pebble. They got a more premium version rolling out and will be the second one from their side.


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