The good old days with the Video Games


I remember those good old days, not moving a micron from the position staging the machine that screamed absolute awe for kids my age- The PC. That time, we were doing something that today’s kids have forgotten with the web being as huge as it is and silly smartphone games. No, I am not in my forties or fifties but while I was younger, much younger, me and peers spent endless hours with eyes locked on the monitor or the television and mind racing romancing the story we are all part of. Those were time powerful time of the video games.

When I was in 6th Grade, I was crushing my brain against the panache of Call of Duty and Need for Speed Most Wanted specifically, and also FIFA 2006. My parents were upset that I would not move away but guess what I DID. The developments in technology has not driven away just me but all my friends who used to be amazing gaming freaks to stick to pointless hours on Facebook or Whatsapp or whatever. Some of you might be like “As if gaming made sense”. Well you should Google how Gaming develops the brain, okay agreed endless hours might not be good but it was something we never got bored of.

So, along the way Xbox and PS2 were also there that time, even the 360 and PS3 were out by next year. Yeah so I bought Xbox specifically to play Call of Duty Big Red One. That was crazy but I wanted to. Later I got many games on it and HALO will always be the best one I guess. Now, that kind of stuff happens less often. The gaming industry is suffering. There are no more television shows covering the awesomeness at gaming events which are also on decline. People no longer get paid for winning events, people don’t longer get paid as much for even creating them. People shifted to the web, so did the developers.

The industry is not completely off, obviously we just got Xbox One and PS4, but let’s face it game sales are not even close to what they were when Xbox and PS2 were out. The PC production has also suffered because no one wants that kind of computing power. People who still want to go out there still do but I no longer hear conversations involving “what end of the story are at?” or “Man, that mission was crazy like f***” and all that other stuff. It was exciting, but now I miss that time. Kids who are strangers to each other no longer start their conversation with “So, what all games do you have on your PC or Xbox or PS2?”

Go out and revive that time people. Because that time was cool and it was fun. But, learn to be in control, limited hours only (yeah right, like that is going to happen). I really feel all this can happen again I mean it has to. People are just destroying their lives on social media with heartbreaks and saying stuff they don’t have the guts to speak about in public. Make the TRANSITION. Commit to gaming again.


Author: Sinha

Passion and Inspiration drives my life and I get them both from technology. Getting to write about it is an absolute bliss. The bliss comes from people reading what you want to convey. There is nothing better for a person than his views to be heard. I am a music, tv shows, movies and technological enthusiast.

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