Swipe: Android Game Review


There is this amazing game I came across today at college based on a ridiculously easy and well thought concept. The game feeds and challenges your short term memory. You get these bars of various colors that emerge from either left or right. All these bars would come up in different combinations of left and right and within a second.

You remember this combination and then you tap on either left or right in the sequence the bar came. For example by top most bar came from left, so I remember this and I tap left. Next might be left as well then I tap right. You get +1 for each correct tap. You are given 15 seconds to get as many correct ones you can. It starts with the easy ones, less bars and a tad slower transition. You are allowed to get only a few wrong for one screen, if you get too many wrong on one screen, your game is terminated irrespective of the time left. The screen changes when you complete a screen. New screen will have more bars with more difficulty. For as many screens as you can get correct, you have a “total” of 15 seconds, i.e 15 seconds for 3-4 screens of even 10 if you can make it that fast.

You are ranked worldwide and you are shown this at the end of each time your game ends.

Try Swipe on the Android Google Play Store.


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