Sound Hound App Review


Smartphones are awesome and some apps just give you that magical feeling, the “cool” factor or a “oh I am happy to die now” for a person born in the 50s. SoundHound is an app that could surely make you realize the amazing things smartphones have created.

SoundHound probably takes away one handicap we all have had. There are times you are listening to this song at a café or in your car and they do not tell you the title but you really want to know it so that you can dedicate a good time of your life in listening to this song again and again. Before technology came, it took a superhuman to know a song you had never listen to before. Thanks to SoundHound you can now take your smartphone and the app will listen to this song and give you the exact name of the song and the artist.

SoundHound provides you this info with the ability to share the song from the app to anyone else. You can favorite it so that you can remember the song. You can straightway get the iTunes link to download the song.

The App is available on the App Store on iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.


Author: Sinha

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