Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8


A direct faceoff between two of the best phones of 2014 is inevitable. Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8. Both phones are of top notch quality, lag free and with features we simply love. Each phone has good and bad. Let us weigh it out and see what sums up. Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8, let the match begin.


As I said, both the phones have good and bad. There is some creative design crafting and material engineering that has gone to create both the Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8. The HTC One M8 has a 90% metallic body, the curve on the back is more subtle than last year. Last year, I would say it was overly curved but this time they have got it just right to fit your hands. There are different colours with roughly different kinds of finishes. It could be a very smooth metal brush finish or a texturized finish both of which are incredible. Sony Xperia Z2 on the other hand is just like the last time around is flat and made of full body glass. The glass is of top quality but it is not as comfortable to hold as HTC One M8 because it is all flat over the edges. Sony Xperia Z2 is dust proof and water resistant. But if I was solely to depend upon the way the phone feels and the intensity I get from looking at it, HTC One M8 takes the crown in Design.


Both the phones have full HD display. You get a 1080×1920 pixel resolution on a 5.0 inch display on the HTC One M8 and the same on a 5.2 inch display on the Sony Xperia Z2. Is there a difference between them? No. The displays look equally beautiful. They are very close at their colour palette as well. Sony Xperia Z2 has more of that artificial feel about it but it is just a tad and nothing major that would be a negative thing. Black levels are about the same on the corners. But the Sony Xperia Z2 has pathetic viewing angles thanks to the glass. It is tough to look at it under direct sunlight, so that’s that. I can’t choose really but thanks to that negative viewing angle thingy- HTC One M8 has the better display.


This will probably be the most debatable outcome thanks to the HTC One M8’s UltraPixel camera that generates a lot of buzz. On the other hand the Sony Xperia Z2 has a conventional 20 MP camera. Both of these camera take different kinds of photos. HTC One M8 has washed off colours but with detailing that just wins. Sony Xperia Z2 has overly bright colours with precise detailing as well. Both take some decent speed shots. One of them stands out in low light photos and videos- HTC One M8. But with normal conditions you would certainly prefer the Sony Xperia Z2. Even the video quality is simply amazing on the Sony Xperia Z2. Camera: Sony Xperia Z2.


Sony does not use a fancy UI nor does it have to offer any interesting features. This is a battle Sony lost before it started. On the other hand, HTC One M8 grows stronger with the HTC Sense 6 User Interface. It a clean UI with good overall presentation and less cluttered than Samsung TouchWiz will ever be. HTC Zoe is an interesting feature for the camera and HTC Blinkfeed is an incredible way to interact with apps and information right from your home screen. Both the phones are running on the Android v4.4.2 KitKat. Software: HTC One M8.


Lag is not in the dictionaries of the high end smartphones anymore, that ship has long sailed. Even if you had a clock speed competition, they both work on the same processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 which is a Quad Core chip with 2.5GHz clock speed. Both the phones come with internal storage of 16GB and 32GB which can be expanded to up to 128GB! The paths take different directions when it comes to battery life. Both of them would be said to have the same battery life but HTC One M8’s saves a lot more with their special mode. HTC One M8 could be kept in that mode and would survive weeks on standby with 100% batteries and not to forget the Boom Sound Beats speakers amount to some cool audio. Performance: HTC One M8.


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