Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs HTC One Max


A comparison between Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max is not simple. Both are from companies trying to find their way to market share and countering Samsung in the phablet arena. This is the first time any of them has come with a phablet. Both are very similar in their philosophy and lack the awesome features of Samsung Galaxy Note III. This is, Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs HTC One Max.


Both the phones have some top quality built. On one hand we have the Z Ultra with the amazing glass body that does not feel any less classy than the aluminium on the HTC One Max. HTC One Max has a more comfortable structure for a phone this big, the back is nicely curved and your hands will fit just right. Sony Xperia Z Ultra on the other hand has these perfect edges which make it a little more difficult to hold. HTC One Max also has these killer speakers with built in amplifier, thank you Beats Audio. Deisgn- HTC One Max.


As I have mentioned in earlier that at this time, if your phone is on the higher end spectrum and you don’t have a full HD display, its not worth it. And its even better on these larger phones, pure bliss. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a 6.4 inch full HD display and the HTC One Max comes with 5.9 inch of full HD Display. They both are absolutely stunning. If you really care then you can use those few extra inches on the Xperia Z Ultra, otherwise both the displays are just amazing. One complaint I do have with Z Ultra is the viewing angles, the highly reflective glass make it a little difficult to view under direct sunlight. I love the video playback on both of these devices. Display- HTC One Max, for better viewing angles.


HTC One Max has stuck to the 4MP “Ultra Pixel” camera technology from the HTC One and the Xperia Z Ultra comes with an 8MP sensor which is a little weird given Z series is known the have a 13MP sensor, just for the sake of more resolution and pixels. HTC One Max will never have that many amounts of pixels of resolution with 4MP no matter how perfect the photo is. HTC One Max is a much better low lighter performer and does a far better job at more realistic tone and detailing. On the other hand, Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s photographs are a tad over saturated and do not come even remotely close to HTC One Max’s low light performance and an eye for detailing.
Video quality of HTC One Max is also better than that of Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Both of them allow you to manually tweak the settings but HTC Zoe’s camera UI is much better. Camera- HTC One Max.


This is a rather important subject. HTC One Max has a finger print sensor available just below your ultra-pixel camera. You have to swipe your finger across to unlock the device. Apart from that, the HTC Sense 5.5 UI is really amazing. The UI is really not that heavy on your RAM as much as the Samsung’s TouchWiz. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has this clean and easy UI. It gives you nice widgets which HTC Sense does too. You can also use an actual pen or pencil to write on the display of the Xperia Z Ultra, that’s really cool. Sense 5.5 comes with HTC Blinkfeed and Zoe, both of which are really amazing. Software- HTC One Max.


Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes with a Snapdragon 800 processor compared to the younger Snapdragon 600 processor, yes the 800 is faster. HTC One Max and Xperia Z Ultra, both have 2GB of RAM. Overall, on paper Xperia Z Ultra is much faster. Also, Xperia Z Ultra has a much better battery life. Apart from that NFC, expandable memory, everything is just there for both of them. Performance- Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Final Verdict

HTC One Max is a clear winner here. The built is just better and the cold metal just feels amazing in your hands. I love the camera, it’s amazing how it takes such beautiful photographs. We do wish the phone was faster but it can carry out all your tasks without any problem. It just is the better phablet. Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs HTC One Max, HTC One Max wins.


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