Sony Xperia SP vs Samsung Galaxy Grand


Sony Xperia SP and Samsung Galaxy Grand both are entries by Sony and Samsung respectively in the mid-range section. Sony Xperia SP shows more of class and performance over Galaxy Grand but the Grand stands all with all the good features. In this article we will tell you which the better mid-range phone is. This is Sony Xperia SP vs the Samsung Galaxy Grand, may the better phone win.


I like good solid phones that feel comfortable in the hands. Also the built quality should be such that I don’t feel I paid too much for something too less. Sony Xperia SP gives you both- the comfortable hold and a good quality of built. Samsung on the other hand is tall, and the plastic body feels too cheap to be present on a phone you will pay such an amount for. Also the basic design of the Samsung Galaxy Grand is too plain. Design- Sony Xperia SP.


The Samsung Galaxy Grand has a large 5 inch display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. Hence it has a very low pixel density but the engineers have made software that projects each pixel more clearly and gets the best out of it. So the icons do not really look pixelated. But you can’t hide flaws, the display really lacks everything when it comes to multimedia performance. Sony Xperia SP on the other hand has this beautiful 4.6 inches 720p display. It is far superior to the Grand’s display. Display- Sony Xperia SP.


I like the camera on the Sony Xperia SP. It has a really nice 8MP lens. The photos have real good quality and check all the necessary boxes for a great mid-range smartphone camera. Samsung Galaxy Grand also has an 8MP camera and an amazing UI compared to the Xperia SP. But Xperia SP takes better photos. It just looks prettier and sharper. Also video recording on the SP is amazing. Camera- Sony Xperia SP.


Samsung Galaxy Grand and the Sony Xperia SP, both run on the Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean. They both do not have any additional features to them than what they inherit from the operating system. But Samsung Galaxy Grand has a better UI- the TouchWiz. It just works better and brings more from the software side for you than what Sony Xperia SP does. Software- Samsung Galaxy Grand.


With supercharged 1.7 GHz Dual Core processor and 1GB of RAM the Sony Xperia SP floats its way through daily routines of managing tasks and it can endure great multitasking. On the contrary Samsung Galaxy Grand with the 1.5GHz A9 Cotex will starve soon to death. Load it with just a bunch of more apps in the internal memory and the phone is ready to lag itself to death after a while. Both of them remain on similar grounds. But Sony Xperia SP has NFC and Grand does not. Performance- Sony Xperia SP.

Final Verdict

Sony Xperia SP is a great phone. You can flaunt it if you want, it looks great. The HD display is worth looking at everyday and everytime you hold it to make a call or whatever it is that you are doing. The camera is great and more importantly it does your tasks right. In this battle of cmaprison between Sony Xperia SP and Samsung Galaxy Grand, the Sony Xperia SP wins.


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