Sony Xperia SP vs Nexus 4


Nexus 4 is an amazing smartphone. It runs stock Android which is more durable than most of the Android smartphones. Sony Xperia SP is a high performance mid ranged smartphones introduced by Sony into this range to tackle phones like these. Google LG Nexus 4 vs Sony Xperia SP, it is a comparison worth having.


I really like the simplicity in the design of the Nexus 4. For starters it has a really good built quality but does not feel expensive enough for this cost. But it is a really comfortable phone to hold. The rubbery edge gives good support to your hands but is not a good addition if you consider looks. Sony Xperia SP is rather a purely rectangular phone. The delicately curved back with a brilliant matte finish makes it a more disable phone than Nexus 4 in terms of body and design. Design- Sony Xperia SP.


Phones in the mid-range have amazing displays and so do both Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia SP. The stiff competition has pushed smartphone makers to make amazing technology available for a lower cost. The end result is 720p displays for which you don’t have to pay a fortune. Nexus 4 has a really amazing display, the software design helps it portray in a better way. The Sony Xperia SP also has a 720p display like the Nexus 4. Nexus 4’s displays is 4.7 inches whereas the SP comes for 4.6 inches. They are equally better but Nexus 4 has better viewing angles and deeper black levels. Display- Google LG Nexus 4.


I really found cameras on both the devices rather average. It is nothing amazing and don’t differ much from the starting ranges of phones. Google LG Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia SP both carry 8MP sensors and both can take pictures that look good but not great. The user interface does not make much of a difference here either so, it’s a tie. Camera- Tie.


This is where the phones completely differ. They both are Android phones but Nexus is known for the lighter, more “Androidy” Android that it runs. It is a far better OS than Android v4.2.2 running on ant other phone. Nexus 4 is a whole different level to Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Sony Xperia SP runs the Android v4.1 Jelly Bean, it has lesser features and is not stock android. Software- Google LG Nexus 4.


Google Nexus 4 almost rips off the Sony Xperia SP on this one. Nexus 4 has a Quad Core 1.5GHz processor whereas the SP has a Dual Core 1.7GHz processor. Also, Nexus 4 by Google LG has 2GB of RAM compared to 1GB on Xperia SP. There are no second thoughts to who is an efficient operator. Both of them come with NFC. Nexus 4 has a much better battery life as well. Performance- Google LG Nexus 4.

Final Verdict

Google LG Nexus 4 is a phone well thought and projected. It deserves more appreciation than it already gets. The stock Android actually runs like butter. The improved display is amazing to look it. It is just a better phone in every possible way against the Sony Xperia SP. So, Sony Xperia SP vs Google LG Nexus 4- Google LG Nexus 4 wins.


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