Sony Xperia L vs Nokia Lumia 620


Budget smartphones are what concerns most of the population worldwide. In the article we will do a comparison between two of the most wanted budget smartphones and tell you which one is better. This one is Sony Xperia L vs Nokia Lumia 620. They both work on very different platforms but have firepower that can make you care less. So , let’s dig in.


First thing you will notice about Sony Xperia L is that it is not Xperia-ish. It is quite different in the structural design than any other Xperia phone. The built quality is amazing for a phone with such a price tag. Nokia Lumia 620 can have either a glossy back or a matte smooth back depending on which colour have you chosen. The basic design is not great but simple and nice. It has got amazingly loud and clear speakers. Both phones look really amazing but by a slight margin I prefer the looks of Nokia Lumia 620. Design- Nokia Lumia 620.


Sony Xperia L has a 4.3 inch 228ppi display compared to the Nokia Lumia 620’s 3.8 inch 246ppi display. A naked eye can’t actually see that much a pixel density difference. But comparing contrast and sharpness on both, Nokia Lumia 620 wins. But, the display on the Lumia is quiet small I would say. WP8’s flat design adds a whole new “Awesome” to Nokia Lumia 620. This one is a total baffling contest I would say. Display- Sony Xperia L.


Sony Xperia L has an 8MP camera sensor compared to Nokia Lumia 620’s 5MP sensor. The Lumia 620 does not have a Carl Ziess lens, for that you should take models 720 onwards. Both these lenses take amazing photographs. They really shine through and take really clear photos. I would give the advantage to Nokia Lumia 620 with it’s camera apps that are designed so well and easy to use. The front cameras on both the phones are really good. Camera- Nokia Lumia 620.


Android v4.1 is the operating system on the Sony Xperia L and Windows Phone8 on the Nokia Lumia 620. Looking at both the cases I feel Sony Xperia L is more developed software wise because it gets the goodness of Android. Nokia Lumia 620 does not have powerful enough hardware that WP8 could use, it would be a much better case if it was a 820 or a 920 and above. Software- Sony Xperia L.


It does not matter if you have something amazing on the paper if it cannot prove itself in practice. Performance matters. Both of them have a Qualcomm 1GHz Dual Core Processor. But the Xperia L comes with 1GB of RAM compared to 512MB on Nokia Lumia 620. So yes, Xperia L is a better multitasker and faster at gaming. Both of them come with NFC and options of expandable memory. Performance- Sony Xperia L.

Final Verdict

Sony Xperia L is the better phone here. It has larger display which will allow you to do more. Android v4.1 has a better app ecosystem considering WP8 on Nokia Lumia 620. The built quality is amazing and it certainly looks good. Both the phones are not superfast but they respond really well. So, the winner of this battle round up is Sony Xperia L.


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