Sony Xperia E vs Nokia Lumia 520


Sony Xperia E and Nokia Lumia 520 are two of the best budget phones money can buy. They are operated on completely different platforms, Xperia E on the Android and Lumia 520 on Windows Phone. They have huge market share percentage for the company. They are important for the common man who can’t afford much. Nokia Lumia 520 vs Sony Xperia E, in search of the better budget smartphone.


Sony Xperia E has a really nice look. The built is that of a nice smooth matte that we all like. Nokia Lumia 520, depending on the cover comes with a matter finish or a glossy plastic body. Both of which are truly amazing. The Nokia Lumia 520 does look better and offer much louder and clear speakers. Sony Xperia E has loud speakers but not clear. Design- Nokia Lumia 520.


I think this one will be much easier. Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4 inch 480×800 pixels display which packs a pixel density of 233ppi compared to Sony Xperia E’s 3.5 inch 320×480 pixels display. The Nokia Lumia 520’s display is far superior and you can make that out by just looking at it. The icons are pixelated on the Xperia E and for 520, the app list looks as solid as ever. Display- Nokia Lumia 520.


I like both the cameras. As they are lenses on a budget smartphone, they can’t do much. Both of them can take average colourful photos with decent saturation. Sharpness is fine. So we came to the interface and what you can do with the camera and with Nokia Lumia 520 having the Smart features WP offers, there is not much Xperia E can do. Camera- Nokia Lumia 520.


So Sony Xperia E runs on the Android v4.1 Jelly Bean and Nokia Lumia 520 on the Windows Phone 8. Looking at app ecosystem the advantage is with Xperia E but functionality, it is a close call. Xperia E works really well with Android v4.1. You can customize is well, you can do anything, that is the power of Android. Windows Phone 8 gives a nice flat look to the phone and your apps close and open seamlessly. I love the new and much needed features WP 8 brings to Lumia 520. Even though Android 4.1 is great, it does not have a powerful base to build on the Xperia E. Software- Nokia Lumia 520 wins this one as well.


Nokia Lumia 520 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is Dual Core and clocked at 1GHz compared to another Dual Core 1GHz processor on Sony Xperia E. both have 512MB of RAM. Nokia Lumia 520 performs much faster and better which has more to do with WP8. It also comes with a better battery life. Rest all remains the same on both. Performance- Nokia Lumia 520.

Final Verdict

Nokia is back into the game thanks to Nokia Lumia 520 which is world’s best selling Windows Phone 8 device. It certainly gives you the amazing experience of Windows Phone 8 for a much lower price. The things Lumia 520 can do is amazing. It is cost efficient and also “style” efficient. I love this phone and is certainly better than Sony Xperia E. Sony Xperia E vs Nokia Lumia 520- Nokia Lumia 520 wins.


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