Sony Project Morpheus- NEW IN Virtual Reality


Guess there is someone else who has been working on a virtual reality headset. Earlier at CES 2014 at Vegas, we saw the Oculus Rift and thought what an amazing gadget to have with no opposition. Well, Sony had plans to change this already. At the recent Game Developer’s Conference, they introduced their VR headset which is called the Project Morpheus.

The Project Morpheus is as it says PROJECT, is till BETA and an early prototype whereas the Oculus Rift is up for the development kit and is going to see a release in 1-2 months. Oculus is a startup and we know about Sony, I feel bad for Oculus because as incredible they are the amazing aggressive promotion will easily outset the Rift. But lets dig into the specs on paper and see how they compare.
Both the VR sets have full HD resolution but the Project Morpheus has an LCD display and the Rift comes with an OLED display which will be much more effective. Project Morpheus gives you 90 deg field view and the Rift offers a 100.

VR sets are releasing and they will be big in gaming. Now, you can live the game with heightened awareness and realistic emotions. The 3D VR will leave you disoriented but will blow your mind in a way nothing ever has. The main advantage of the Project Morpheus over the Rift is probably the stabilization cap which will give you a much steadier feel. All eyes on Sony now.


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