Sony Playstation Now will change gaming forever: CES 2014


Sony’s latest announcement must have made millions of Sony users very, very happy indeed. Sony announced something at CES 2014 that probably got me the most excited of all of their upbringings at world’s stage at CES. Sony is going to release a cloud computing service that will allow you to play games across ALL OF YOUR Sony products. Sony Playstation Now will bring you an absolute amazing cloud service like no other.

You basically will have to subscribe to this cloud service which will let you rent games. The first terrific fact comes with the fact that Sony will make this available not just on Playstation and Playstation Vita but also on your Sony Smartphones and BRAVIA Television and Tablets. This will be more than just a streaming service. The progress could be taken care of from any platform. Let’s say you were on a scene at Mission X on your Playstation 4 and you closed it, so now you can take this very point and start the game on your tablet, on your Vita, on your TV and everything Sony. This surely simplifies gaming and brings a lot of excitement to it. The only interesting thing that we would like to see is the price they would put and the various packages they might offer.

Sony Playstation NowI am sure many of you might be eager to get your hands on. Hopefully it won’t be expensive because that would totally be a turn off. Sony made this possible when they acquired the cloud computing company Gaikai that was basically a cloud gaming Technology Company. With the current standards in tech, you should not need a super speedy internet. But obviously it should have the least lag possible. Who likes lag? NO ONE.
Sony Playstation Now will start rolling out in the US slowly at the end of this month and will see a full release by the end of Q1.


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