Slingshot App Review: For those who love Snapchat


Facebook was all out to acquire Snapchat, the 30 or stronger group of Snapchat quickly declined the offer. Facebook was offering $3 billion and they did not even blink before refusing the offer. That was November 2013 for you and since then Facebook had time to develop their own little version of Snapchat. This brain child is alive and running and is out for Snapchat’s head. This assassin’s name is Slingshot.

Slingshot is based on a concept of Snapchat but is not exactly what Snapchat offers. Rather it overcomes a major problem that Snapchat has: many people just do not reply after you Snapchat them. When you “sling” a shot, it is locked, the person cannot see it until and unless they take a shot as a reply themselves. And there are these really “Frontback” app type replies you can give to your friend’s Slings. It is really cool.
Slingshot has a beautiful design, the functionality is much like Snapchat but few touches here and there make it much faster. Also the engineering of Facebook makes it way faster. You can time the responses and you can know for sure that the serves of Slingshot work much efficiently than that of Snapchat. Just like Snapchat you can write on your shot with a colour pen and send it across but they just cannot see it until they have a sling of their own ready.

I think Slingshot has great potential, people download Slingshot now!


Author: Sinha

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