Samsung Gear S Preview


Samsung has come out with the first smartphone independent smartwatch. That is exactly what we wanted in the first place, not a sidekick to your smartphone, just a different device entirely. Samsung Gear S is the first of its kind. You will see the distinction from others from the design itself. Samsung has stuck out their neck and placed a 2 inch SUPER AMOLED curved display. It surely makes more sense for a smartwatch. For starters it gives you better visual dynamic range. Then it just looks much better, the resolution is just amazing. You have a separate home button and different swipes from the home screens will get you to different places.

You need a smartphone to initialize the phone and then it is independent. Samsung Gear S has it’s own SIM card. It supports 3G and also has Bluetooth functionality. It does have a built in GPS. The craziest thing it has is support of voice without actually being connected to the internet. So playing music, asking for directions, asking for places to eat and all that jazz is done instantly and without the help of a server.
Even though the watch feels chunky and heavy, it is all to give you as much functionality your phone could. Gear S has its own QWERTY keyboard for texts and interaction with apps. Samsung says you can access more than 1000 apps simply made for the Samsung Gear S.

Retail price for the Samsung Gear S is still unknown but do not think it would be any cheaper.


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