Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept


For you Samsung fans out there the Samsung Galaxy S6’s concept video has flashed. Just last week someone leaked the Samsung’s plans of totally redesigning the Galaxy S series of phone from the S6 line onwards. We know it has been a long time and all of it is getting very monotonous. The design, build, the user interface and everything that makes the elements of the smartphone.

Samsung’s Project Zero is their plan to rebrand their Galaxy phone line starting with the Galaxy S6. We all know how much the chunky plastic bothers us. The new concept video flashed the metallic build and design. It is so much familiar to the iPhone 5/5S design. It also says it will have micro grilled stereo speakers along with 20MP camera. What addition information we have is that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.

We all know the Galaxy S6 will be good but the question is really will Samsung be able to retain the hold it used to have on the market till LG, HTC and Motorola decided they could do better. Samsung is going to reach their saturation but Project Zero is supposed to chance that for everyone. Let us see what changes. Here is a look at the video.


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