Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Google Nexus 5


Android has it’s own share of awesome devices and these two are at the top along with the new HTC One M8 and Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy S5 is rather an earlier release than Nexus 5, it came out this year in April 2014 and Nexus 5 made it’s way last year around October in a very sudden release. We were expecting fireworks.


These are two very interesting phones. I am not really a Samsung design fan or even of built quality. Galaxy S5 has this different texturized back that feels kind of weird and the phone does not feel premium at all. I have no idea why would someone give it this kind of built and design considering the price tag. On the other hand Nexus 5 is almost 15,000 INR less than its adversary and has this amazing flat body with matte grip which at least feels better and holding than a Galaxy S5. Design: Google Nexus 5.


Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 both have 5 inch displays, okay the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a tad larger display. Both are full HD 1080p displays and are at top of their games. I look at both of them and they seem to be very soothing to your eyes. Samsung Galaxy S5 has much artificial colours because of the software tweaking that goes in to give it an extra edge for sharpness. Google Nexus 5 has warm and vivid colours. I would call it a tie on the display.


Nexus 5 just cannot match what the Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer on the camera side. Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera is amazing in every way possible. From the actual lens to the camera user interface, Samsung got it right. Samsung Galaxy S5 takes some accurate shots with good uniform detailing and natural colour clarity. Nexus 5 has overly bright colours and it cannot give you the actual texture and colour tone of your subject. And Samsung Galaxy S5 does a very good job doing that. The overall camera experience is so much better on the Samsung Galaxy S5 than on the Nexus 5. Camera: Samsung Galaxy S5.


I say this often, Nexus devices are made to give you the pure Android experience. It is the stripped down versions of each of your non Nexus devices without the extra features but with their own. This idea was to result in less lag but with the current trends, the processors are just too fast and you would not experience any lag. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 both come with Android v4.4.2 KitKat but Samsung Galaxy S5 gives you a lot more features which are quiet handy and some are crazy. I could use those tad extra stuff over what Nexus has to offer. Software: Samsung Galaxy S5.


This is a tie too. Both have some exceptional battery life and they both offer you the fastest processors they are with good multitasking backups. Only place where I think Samsung Galaxy S5 dominates is the storage with the ability to expand to up to 128 GB! Yeah that is true! On paper Samsung Galaxy S5 is actually faster. No tie, Performance: Samsung Galaxy S5.
OVERALL WINNER: Samsung Galaxy S5.


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