Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 6


It is all about Samsung vs Apple. We know they went to the courts on patent wars with both sides making ridiculous arguments. But what do we know. This battle is a battle royale, like Rafa vs Roger Federer, Schumacher vs Mika Haikenen… well you get the idea. Samsung Galaxy S5 released in the April 2014 whereas Apple iPhone 6 is fairly recent and not even a month old, so keep that in mind. *Bell goes off*


I don’t think I need to emphasize the fact how bad Samsung does their design when compared to Apple. Even their build quality is crazy ass bad. You probably have the worst against the best here in design. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 6 have flat backs and the iPhone 6 is just so subtly curved around the corners. The Galaxy S5 has a very weird soft touch back panel that confuses me about the material, it is good but it is no match for the aluminum built on Apple iPhone 6. Actually not just Apple I think it is the worst built in front of LG, HTC and Sony has well. I do not think design and built is up for debate here. Design: Apple iPhone 6.


Samsung displays are really oversaturated and with the TouchWiz UI that saturation goes for a slog as well. It does get you all the colours out there but they are so much brighter than usual display tones, it can be overwhelming. On the other hand the 4.7 inch Retina HD display on the iPhone 6 is pretty. It has the best saturation and tones on any display. It is really dense as well. You will never be over on how beautiful this display is. I really think it shines the natural colours in their actual tone. Samsung does great too but given the same sharpness, Apple does have a better look to it. iPhone 6 is the better display here. Display: Apple iPhone 6.


Apple iPhone 6 is being called the best point and shoot on the planet for smartphones. It takes such realistic shots. The new tech tweak of a seamless autofocus which is almost instant, move your phone around the autofocus almost takes place instantly. It is the fastest AF on smartphones right now. Samsung does take beautiful shots. But they are oversaturated like always. The blue skies look a lot more bluer and the grass greener whereas the iPhone 6 captures the best in detail and colour both. There are a lot of features both of them have but considering their main photo taking performance I choose the Apple iPhone 6 here as well.


I really think the new iOS 8 is better than Android in every possible way from design to functionality. And it is a no brainer that TouchWiz is the craziest, most cluttered UI you can have on your phone. It takes too much to run that UI. There are just unlimited options you need to deal with. iOS 8 offers so much more in the cleanest way possible. It is that simplicity and newly added functionality that makes iOS 8 superior to Android in recent times. Many people will not see it but when you use it, you would surely know it as well. Software: Apple iPhone 6.


All these flagship monsters are fast in their ecosystem of hardware and software. So even though on paper the A8 might be faster, using the two phones you cannot really differentiate. Samsung Galaxy S5 does have the superior battery life and expandable storage, something that Apple iPhone 6 does not have and offer. That surely weighs out iPhone 6 and gives heed to Samsung Galaxy S5 to shine in overall performance of the phone in terms of what it has and what it does. Performance: Samsung Galaxy S5.

OVERALL WINNER: Apple iPhone 6


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