Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Preview


Samsung has been releasing the toned down mini versions of their main flagships for sometime now. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released and now is the time for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. This is for those who cannot actually afford to buy all of it. The Mini versions so far has been able to incorporate the basic design and software principals of the actual phone and present it to you in the best possible way.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will sport the same soft touch back panel like it’s dad. The Galaxy S5’s soft touch panel felt really weird for some reason. It looks even weirder with all that spots going on and the translucent material it is made of. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will also be water resistant and dust proof like the Galaxy S5. What else would it have like the Samsung Galaxy S5? The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will have the fingerprint scanner, which is not all that great. You can only use it if the phone is in the perfect vertical orientation with your thumb. It is crazy how un-cool their fingerprint scanner is.

The Galaxy S5 Mini will have a 1.6GHz Quad Core processor but who will produce it is still unknown. Over that, it will have a 4.5 inch 720p display. They are throwing in 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage expandable to 64GB. Then you have the latest version of TouchWiz running on the v4.4.2 KitKat Android OS. Galaxy S5 Mini will have a standard 8MP camera.

We are expecting the phone in this month of July 2014.


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