Samsung Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry Z30


With a new Blackberry- the Blackberry Z30, ready to take on the flagship high end smartphones, we need to bring it to give you our comparison results. On this one, the Blackberry Z30 goes against the Samsung Galaxy S4. We will tell you in this segment, which one should you, put your valuable money on. So, Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Blackberry Z30 it is.


Samsung is playing around with the polycarbonate built on this one. It certainly feels nice. That removable polycarbonate back is flexible and the built has certainly improved from their previous flagship models. It is also light weight and with reduced bezels, takes less space for the same display size. On the other hand, Blackberry Z30 has this leathery textured back which feels ok but not a really good thing to hold personally. Also it does not have those grace curved around the edges to make it fit better in your hands. Design and built is easily better on the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Both these flagship phones come with 5 inch displays but they have a significant difference here- Samsung Galaxy S4 has a full HD display whereas the Blackberry Z30 is a step behind with 720p display. It won’t take a genius to know Galaxy S4 will play full HD content much better and project much vivid colours and saturation levels than the downgraded Blackberry Z30’s display. Galaxy S4’s display just looks much sharper than the Blackberry Z30’s display. There are no doubts on this one, Samsung Galaxy S4 takes this one pretty easily.


Smartphone cameras are deciding factors this day when you are choosing a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13MP sensor is one of the best on a smartphone. It takes really well detailed photographs with just the right colour textures and sharpness. Blackberry Z30 has an 8MP primary camera which can capture decent images overall. I is “amazing”, being for good conditions and then to “I don’t want to share that photo on my profile” kind of bad under low lighting. It cannot match the colour profile and detailing on the Galaxy S4. So yeah, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a better camera. Also Samsung Galaxy S4 just offers too many features when it comes to camera software.


One phone here is on the Android ecosystem- Samsung Galaxy S4 and on the other on Blackberry 10.2OS- Blackberry Z30. Comparing the two platforms, it is easier to say Samsung Galaxy S4 is much comfortable. Also, Samsung Galaxy S4’s UI- the TouchWiz provides you with really amazing features like the Smart Stay, Smart Pause, Air Gesture etc. Blackberry Z30 on the other hand does not have any. I think this section shall conclude itself.


On this front, Samsung Galaxy S4 does not only smash Blackberry Z30 out of the park but many others too. With its massive Exynos processor, it is just hulk in front of Blackberry Z30’s significantly slower 1.7GHz Dual Core processor. If you see the benchmark comparison, you will close this article. Both of them have the same RAM, offer same internal memory and expandable options. Samsung Galaxy S4 would take this one too.

Final Verdict

It would not take a genius to figure out Samsung Galaxy S4 is a phone that simple outshines Blackberry Z30 in everyway. It has better everything. Even the tag Blackberry is smaller compared to Samsung in the current scenario. You get literally EVERYTHING better than Blackberry Z30 on the GS4. So, Samsung Galaxy S4 wins!


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