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Remember Samsung showing off their curved OLED display at the CES 2013? Well I do and now for the first time it is being incorporated on a smartphone- Samsung Galaxy Round. I have no freaking idea what they are trying to do here. A curved phone like what I see with Galaxy Round makes no sense. Rather, it might just be a difficult viewing experience while watching a movie or any small clip, you won’t be able to view the whole thing in the correct manner. What are you upto Samsung? Maybe, just maybe there is more to it.

Samsung Galaxy Round
The curved OLED display will be a 5.7 inch full HD Display. Samsung says by just tilting the display while its off, you can see missed calls and notifications. Well that is awesome but Moto X does a better job already at the same without having a curved display.

Samsung also says the titling will help you interacting with your phone is a whole different way, more than just the notification part. It will be surely very interesting to see what they are capable of. The technology will eventually be better as we move on. Recently LG has also come with the flexible displays, all thanks to technology- graphene.

Samsung Galaxy Round will be a relatively lighter in weigh, about 157g and a thickness of 7.9mm. To further reduce the thickness we don’t just need flexible displays but nano hardware. The phone is also supposed to have a 13MP primary camera. It comes with 2800mAh battery. Android v4.3 will be the OS on the phone (as of now). And the processor will be a 2.3GHz one. Galaxy Round might just be a prototype release in Korea as far as we know and that would make more sense.

Samsung Galaxy “Roll Effect”


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