Samsung Galaxy Note III vs Sony Xpeira Z Ultra


The battle of the phablets, this is Samsung Galaxy Note III vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This is the first time Sony has released their first phablet, Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I am sure this is because of the sheer competition and straight market share for Samsung in this forte. We have seen even HTC come out with the same. Both the phones have good and bad about them, but when it comes to the money, it should go in the right place. So here is the breakdown……


Both these smartphones have amazing structure and built. Samsung finally gets over their “not so amazing” plastic built and incorporates a leather back panel. Here is where they tricked you but it does not matter, the leather is stitched on a plastic panel which is flexible. This is a win-win for Samsung. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a much better built with the glass. It is really of top quality and you would love holding it. This structural engineering has made it resistant to water and dust. Design- Sony Xperia Z Ultra.


Full HD displays are in, if a high end device does not have a full HD display at this point in technological age, its not worth it. Samsung Galaxy Note III is significantly smaller than Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The Note III has a 5.7 inch display compared to the 6.4 inch on the Z Ultra. This is craziness. You can actually call the Ultra a tablet. Both are full HD, 1080×1920 pixels resolution. Obviously as Note III has a smaller screen the pixels are packed closer and hence denser. 356ppi vs 344ppi, it is not that much of a difference. Both the displays are really beautiful and do a great job at everything equally. For someone crazy enough to ask for more than 5.7 inch on a phone can go for Ultra, taking that as an advantage, otherwise it’s a tie.


Sony Xperia Z Ultra has kind of an average camera compared to the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The Z Ultra has an 8MP primary sensor and the Galaxy Note III has a 13MP sensor. Note III’s photos just look better. They have better sharpness, contrast, colour and everything you can think about in a camera. Considering the user interface for taking photographs with tweaking the settings, Note III gives you many more modes which are really handy. Note III can capture 4K video, thought it is less important right now but yeah an edge over Xperia Z Ultra. Camera- Samsung Galaxy Note III.


I feel bad for Sony Xperia Z Ultra in this front. Samsung Galaxy Note III can do so much with the tons of features they have provided it to be used with the S Pen. Check this out for a better idea. Sony Xperia Z Ultra on the other hand can only take notes like the Note III, but you can use an actual pencil and do so without harming the display. Note III also has the amazing Smart Pause and Smart Stay features in the Note III which was there in GS4. Also, Note III runs the Android v4.3 Jelly Bean whereas Z Ultra has Android v.4.2 Jelly Bean. Software- Samsung Galaxy Note III.


Samsung Galaxy Note III comes with 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 800 processor/ Exynos 5 and the Sony Xperia Z has a Snapdragon 800 as well along with 2GB of RAM. As far as overall experience goes, they both function the same without one seeming faster than the other, benchmark scores suggest Samsung Galaxy Note III is faster but it makes no sense unless it seems significantly faster than Z Ultra in practical use. Both have options of expandable memory, come with NFC and Bluetooth. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a longer lasting battery, much longer. Performance- Sony Xperia Z Ultra.



Final Verdict

I will go with Samsung Galaxy Note III with eyes closed. It just has everything right to make full use of the large 5.7 inch full HD display which is really amazing. It is really fast, the camera is a bliss and well I just can’t get over the amazing software integration it has. Samsung Galaxy Note III vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra- Samsung Galaxy Note III wins.


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