Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Preview


There is a blunder of awesome coming in the tech industry after a short boring spell of nothing. Sept 3, Sept 4 and Sept 9 will see the release of Galaxy Note 4, Moto X+1 and iPhone 6 respectively. What Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has in store for us is something words cannot describe. This really would be the next step ahead in the specifications which saw a major trend upgrade in the LG G3 first with the Quad HD display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is looking for something very similar. But they surely are not stopping on the display. They are going all in by offering you 4 GB of RAM! Yeah FOUR GIGABYTES of RAM. Then they are going to give you the latest by Qualcomm- the Snapdragon 805 processor. That is just raw computing power in your hands. The Quad HD display is going to be 5.7 inches. Note 3 has this brilliant purely beautiful full HD display that would melt your heart, I have no idea what Samsung is going to do with a Quad HD then!

There is a possibility that you will be given an upgrade on the 16MP camera. There is going to be a new UI, camera UI which will have some additional features for you. Also the main UI is going to host better and newer features. The design looks to be about the same with the similar leather built at the back. Rest all shall be revealed on September 3rd in Berlin, New York and Bejing.


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