Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Apple iPhone 6


Samsung was trying to accomplish a lot of things with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Samsung hoped to overcome their design woes and even before the release, they tried to get cocky against the Apple iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6 has its own place is design. Let us see how the Galaxy Alpha sums up to Apple iPhone 6 not just in design but as an overall phone.


It all starts here. If Samsung could not accomplish what they were very egoistic about even before release, it just does not send the right message. Apple iPhone 6 is a stunning design and built across any platform. The iPhone has a smooth aluminium finish and very sought after design with brilliant strategic curves all around the phone just enhances your feel with the phone. Samsung Galaxy Alpha stacks up pretty well. It is really thin, thinner than the iPhone 6 by 0.2mm which is not really a lot. It has a very iPhone 5/5S look to it. The curves on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha are very less, almost rectangular design and totally flat all across other surfaces. It has a soft touch panel whose quality is way inferior to Apple iPhone 6. I just cannot sum it up any better. Design: Apple iPhone 6.


Both these phones have a HD 4.7 inch displays. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a Super AMOLED display and the Apple iPhone 6 has an IPS LCD Retina HD display. The iPhone actually has a 750×1334 pixel resolution over the conventional 720×1280 pixel on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It just makes it a tad denser, nothing a naked eye will pick up. Both the displays look equally dense. The difference is in the colour balance and saturation. Clearly Samsung shows more over saturated colours which is a downside to Super AMOLED. The colour balance is quiet okay but the Retina HD display on the iPhone 6 is just about right. I can’t take my eyes off an iPhone display, they are just super amazing. Samsung has always had over saturation on their side thanks to their UI and Super AMOLED combo. Display: Apple iPhone 6.


Samsung has not sent their amazing 13MP camera sensor up for battle. There is a 12MP camera instead. It is not just the MP I am talking about but the whole optics. Apple iPhone 6 has an 8MP sensor out there which is probably one of the faster shutter speeds across any camera (LG G3 might be faster or close). Samsung’s love for over saturation shows well on Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s camera. The camera takes amazingly clear photos but the colours are just too bright and temperature too low. The overall clarity is incredible no doubt about it. It performs pretty well in low lighting conditions as well. Apple iPhone 6 is an incredible camera not just in capturing true details but also the colours of the subject. It can be slightly have warmer tones at times but mostly does well. It also has the most amazing 240fps slow motion video capturing capability. I prefer video and image quality of the iPhone 6 over the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.


I have never been a fan of Samsung Touch Wiz, too many gimmick features and too many options to take care of. It is probably the most clutter UI on any Android phone. iPhone 6 on the other side is the best design of an OS I feel and it is the simplest to get your head around. And now with all the features of iOS 8 it is certainly the better ecosystem as well. Software: Apple iPhone 6.


Comparing the clocked processor speeds of phones from two different ecosystems is a crime. Each phone will have different requirements to run the same set of code and hence the app. Both these phones are equally fast in your hand. They are both smooth operators. Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a much better battery life and offers expandable storage. So yeah, Samsung Galaxy Alpha takes away this one. Performance: Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Overall Winner: Apple iPhone 6


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