Samsung Galaxy Alpha Preview


Samsung is trying to up their game. They are trying to improve in one of the two places they lag behind. Samsung is finally redefining their design philosophy and changing what really needs change. The initiation began very much with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but this new phone out should mark the actual inception.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the best looking Samsung phone till date and probably the most premium felt phone as well.  The phone has fancied a metal frame that is cut out and laid out just as on the iPhone 5S but it is not as premium. It surely is great enough. It gives your hand an awesome feel that no other Samsung phone can provide. Your palm is wrapped around a better soft touch panel compared to the Galaxy S5. The phone really looks amazingly stunning from a distance and even when you hold it. The sleek design almost makes it look like an iPhone 5S from the side, it has its own identity from the front.

Apart from the design, I would say Samsung does not really justify the “Alpha”. The specifications are ancient with price that is too compelling. They are asking for a lot. For starters Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a SUPER AMOLED 720p HD display which is 4.7 inches large. It does come with the Snapdragon 801 which is debatably recent, depending upon your definition of recent. There is no microSD cad, it has a supressed battery life compared to Galaxy S5 and lesser features as than on the Galaxy S5. Is it really the ALPHA? You have 2GB RAM on the phone with TouchWiz UI and v4.4.4 KitKat Android OS.

The phone will retail for a price almost as much as Samsung Galaxy S5 and it does not offer as much as that phone does. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is just a good looking blonde with less overall personality than a decent looking woman with better personality. What do you prefer?



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