Ring- this gadget will change your life forever


I came across one of the best innovations I think there is right now- Ring. It is a smart device that will allow you to control the world around you. This is something you saw in movies you know, cool Tony Stark kind of stuff and now it is becoming reality. Ring became a popular at KickStarter where it did not just complete, but surpassed their goal of $250,000 with currently $478,019 with 30 more days to go. Read on to know the ideal and if you like it, please donate to support this amazing idea which is soon to be reality.

You wear the Ring and everything would be at your feet. You control everything around you. It can interact with your smartphone, your smartwatch and your appliances and also with anything that uses an IR. There will surely be a lot of other bunch of stuff involved in Ring. Ring can give you alerts through vibration or LED about something on your smartphone or smartwatch. You can use just write with gestures in air and it will make it to your phone in accurate letters.

The Ring goes to your index finger and will be available in 6 different sizes. I think apart from what it actually is, it might be even better for fitness apps and be cooler with the allegedly iOS 8 which we hear is going to emphasize on fitness a lot.
So when you wear the ring, you make a gesture to tell what do you want to control. Your tv, smartphone, lamp etc. In the smartphone too you get to control music, texts and camera. If you want to add a gesture you can get it customized and make it compatible using your smartphone and there you have a unique gesture for something you want to make happen.

Look at this video and go support them.


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