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QuizUp is now probably one of the best quiz apps for iOS and Android devices.         

Similar to most of the other quiz games, it is about answering questions but with a twist. Most of the quiz apps either have a time based quiz or opponent based quiz, but Quizup beautifully blended both the concepts. To get started you have to choose your battle area. Well Quizup has over 400 topics to choose from! After choosing a category, the battle of knowledge starts with a random opponent. The selection of the opponent is regardless of country or level of the person. You heard right: Level. In each category you can gain experience points and so rise in the level. Of course, with time, more and more points for the next level needed. For each correct answer you get 20 points. The score obtained depends on the time required for the response.

The development team also adds constant new questions and other topics. The difficulty of the questions is nicely balanced. So anyone knows a bit about the topic in may answer many of the questions correctly. On some issues, however real insider knowledge is required. The user profile is yet another brilliant feature added by QuizUp. There you can select your country of origin, add a short description and upload a profile and cover image. Customarily you register with your e-mail address, and then explicitly have to specify this information. For the guys who are too lazy for this, QuizUp takes care of this by registering you directly with your Google+ or Facebook account and the information is automatically transferred.

A link to the social networks also brings another advantage. Now you can directly challenge your friends and keep an eye on their achievements. There is also this feature where you can interact with the users either for knowledge or just for fun.

The developers have made a lot of effort in the design. Everything looks very chic and also the bright colors work well together. The animations look too mature. The side menu can be opened from anywhere, so the navigation is simple and clear in the app.

In a nutshell, QuizUp is one heck of a quiz app.


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